How do I get started as a test site for TRS-OS?

You will need hardware. A eZ80F91 based product or device.

Currently I support two choices. Z80F91 development boards from Zilog or Circle M -- Min-eZ: A Small 50 MHz eZ80 Cased System.

Development board from Zilog can still be found on eBay and other such sites. Several people are building eZ80 based SBC's for their own experiments. Or a new system from Circle M could be ordered on Tindie and has advantage of running TRS-OS/TRSDOS out of box in addition to CP/M.

If you have this or similar hardware and are interested simply contact me I can then send you a load file. 

Remember this is 'e' version meaning experimental. Product is still being developed, tested and perfected. It is intended to spark imagination and education. Definitely not for use in medical device. Well not yet anyways! 🙂

If you are building your own eZ80F91 based SBC, hardware requirements for this OS are 1 MB RAM along with a terminal connected via console port. This terminal can be a simple TTY program or if you need cursor control and wish to run TRS-80 software ADDS25 standard is recommended.

If you are running legacy TRS-80 software and need accurate keyboard and video reproduction it is best to connect using a real TRS-80 model 4 using Logical Systems Term6V which reproduces TRS-80 keyboard/video almost perfectly.