ME when I was young.

About ME

One summer morning I came into this world at a hospital near the banks of the Kanawa River at about 4 AM.

Born as 3rd son to the late great Lester Paul & Alma Darlene Barcus Martin. My parents had 4 children but their first child was lost in pregnancy.

Raised on a tobacco, corn, hay and cattle farm. I learned many things growing up about our natural world. I have carried those things with me wherever I have gone.

It all seems like a lifetime and world away now. But simple thing can bring back memories of that farm. My Father said 'memories are all we have when we get older'. I pray I can keep my memories and they will not be robbed from me as many family, friends and neighbors  have suffered with passing of time.

Growing up I knew two things for sure. One, I wanted to be an astronaut and two, if that didn't work out, it had to be a career in computers. One out of two isn't bad. I have had extensive work in aviation combined with both digital and analog computers so in a way, I made it.  

Joining up with Navy was best choice I made and no doubt had a big impact on my life.

Today I am a scientist of computer science discipline. If you wonder what that is I have posted a definition below. 

I am trying to scratch problems selected from a myriad of problems yet to be solved in computer science. 

Having completed an eight year program at Oxford, it enabled me to persue my life dreams. I was not at top of my class, but some of my classmatessthat were, went on to famous careers.

I am also interested in development. Developing devices and products derived from this research is a rewarding aspect of this thirst.

Please connect with me and we will catch up.

Best regards,

Daniel P. Martin

A scientist is someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, making a hypothesis and testing it, to gain and share understanding and knowledge. A scientist is person who studies or has expert knowledge of one or more of the natural or physical sciences.

A scientist can be further defined by:

HOW they go about this, for instance by use of statistics (Statisticians) or data (Data scientists).

WHAT they’re seeking understanding of, for instance the elements in the universe (Chemists, Geologists etc), or the stars in the sky (Astronomers).

WHERE they apply their science; For instance in the digital computer industry (Computer Scientist). 

No matter the field, all scientists are united by their relentless curiosity and systematic approach in assuaging it.

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